Punctual. A Period App


The Punctual App simply & honestly tracks that horrible time of month while providing recommendations based on your symptoms.

Punctual is Proud: There is nothing shameful about periods or people who have them. We're not hiding from this natural process.

Punctual is Blunt: No flowery euphemisms or women twirling in A-line skirts in fields of daisies over here; we get to the point.

Punctual is Trustworthy: Through extensive research and accurate calculations, you can be sure the information we give you is concise and helpful.

And, Punctual is Sleek: No frills, no gimmicks, just beauty in the way you'd want your period app to be "beautiful."

Motivation for Development

Each one of us found that every month we have challenges with our cycle. We all know to ease our symptoms that we should be eating healthier throughout our cycle. To help with that we wanted to create an easily accessible app that helps with these recommendations. The app is straightforward and sassier compared to the more delicate and feminine apps that are out there.

How to access the app

To start, users log in or register with Punctual using Auth0, an OAuth authentication using JavaScript tokens. Once they're securely in, they are taken to a questionnaire, which will fuel the meat of the app - the tracker itself. A user just enters in relevant information, clicks submit, and we handle the rest.

Team Jessica Toro-Pacheco - UX/UI & Art Direction
Holly Nwangwa - Backend
Jang Yurai - Backend
Mhirra Yung - Project Manager

brand elements
brand elements

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